The International People’s Platform for Climate Justice

From climate’s impact on people, to people’s impact on climate.

There is no single story about climate justice — but put them all together, and our stories add up to a powerful narrative of not only disasters but community resilience, not only everyday acts of courage but solidarity across borders. Together, we are the answer to the climate crisis. is working with partners and allies around the world to celebrate the struggles of people fighting for a safe, just future for all, and to inspire action based on real-life stories of resistance and people-powered solutions centered in climate justice. The upcoming International People’s Platform for Climate Justice will feature global voices and local stories, curated by a diverse, international team including [insert cool panel members here].

Add your voice to our call for climate justice by sharing your story of resistance, resilience, and community-led solutions on social media using the hashtag #ClimateStories.

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Change begins when ordinary people take extraordinary action. This platform will be a megaphone for stories about this specific turn.

If your experience could spark ideas about how other communities might come together to build a better future, we would love to feature your story on the upcoming platform! Stories in all languages and different formats are welcome.

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